Here are some usefull links to distributors of electronic parts, other DIY-projects, amps to buy and continuative links to themes like hifi and highend.



highend parts

highend parts and modules

the FET-specialist in audio and high-end

electronic parts and more

anything about electronic

electronic parts and more



distributor for japanese semiconducters and more

transformers, tubes and accessories - new and used

comprehensive link library to the subject tubes

electronic parts, housings and ...

professionel making of front plates


well-priced customised toroidal transformer s.html

PRP Resistors

silver wire

fuses from PADIS and AHP

fuses from PADIS





















other DIY-projects  to the subject electrostatic headphones:

two schematics for tubeamps

some schematics with description for transistor-, tube- and hybridamps

schematics for the Stax SRX fulltubeamp

DIY-project for a tubeamp (with many pictures)

nice little tubeamp for Staxe and Co.

another nice little tubeamp for electrostatic headphones

simple and cheap design for beginners

construction manual for the legandary STAX SRM-T2













here you can buy electrostatic headphone amplifiers:

all to the subject STAX

gilmore amps

tubeamps made in italy

amps with signal processing

one single tubeamp

another tubeamp








continuative links:

comprehensive link library about hifi and highend

original STAX site



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