Amplifiers for electrostatic headphones are available from several manufacturers in different price ranges. Some of them sounding less well, others are sounding quite good. However, from any amplifier I ever heard, the sound potential is away from the level that could be obtained from a well designed amplifier. On these pages you find support for self-construction of amplifiers, topping the audiophile sound of commercial products by far. Especially the Sirius, Sirrah, Alpha Centauri, Electra and Antares have reached a very high performance level. Special mention must be made to the extremely fine resolution that comes with these amplifiers, never heard with any other amplifier. Such a high level of sound quality can only be received by using selected parts with special audiophile characteristics in combination with the consequent use of suitable design topology.

The presented projects on these pages can be build by any ambitious DIYer with some experience in high voltage designs. Schematics, layouts, partlists and documentations are all available. I'm checking all projects several times before I place them online, but can not guarantee that here or there sometimes an error slips in. I'm grateful for each hint, to prevent the next DIYer from the same error.

From time to time I build these amplifiers and offer them here:



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